Background/Formation August 10 2016

Since our founding in 2014, the success of the sales of our cheese straws and cakes have allowed us to fulfill our mission of helping orphans worldwide.  From the proceeds of our 2014 sales, we were able to give enough money to allow for a building of teacher housing at Heart for Africa that allows for onsite residence for instructors.  From the proceeds of our 2015 sales, we were able to donate $10,000 to Heart for Africa that was then matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor which provided supplies such as diapers, clothes and food for the over 100 children that reside at Heart for Africa facility.  We also have proceeds available that will go to UnAdopted, an organization that provides for children that “age-out” of their orphanages and are forced to provide for themselves. This group of children are often overlooked and face more challenges due to their forced autonomy.  Given the success so far in 2016, we look to make future significant donations that will help support orphans worldwide.  Every time you order from Bake’In Time, you are changing a child’s life and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and our partners.